Revealed: 5 Best Domain Name Generators

Are you an online entrepreneur who has a professional website and has no idea of how to create a domain name? Creating a domain name is not an easy task especially for newbies. A short and easy to pronounce, type and remember web name is the best. But how will you come up with a perfect name that will make you stand out from competitors?

With a domain name generator, you will be on a safer side as you cannot create a web name that looks similar to other sites. However, not all generators will help you with this, some offer poor user experience, and others are expensive. Here are the 5 best domain name generators:


NameBoy is among the best domain name generators that will help you come up with a unique name. It is free with a user-friendly interface to allow you to use it without any skills. NameBoy can be perfect for you if you have an idea of the keywords you want to use. It will use the keywords to help you create a unique domain name and gives suggestions on best alternatives. If the keyword you are using has low chances of ranking at the top of search engines, NameBoy will provide you with other options.

Also, NameBoy will provide you with Top Level Domains which you can use to come up with a unique name. You can use them regardless of your business or target audience. However, it suggests the .com which can work well for almost all businesses.

Name Mesh

Another excellent domain name generator is the Name Mesh. It can work well for you if you have multiple keywords. You can enter the keywords in the search box, and Name Mesh will provide you with various combinations of those keywords and the ones that are available for registration.

The good thing about Name Mesh is that it will provide domain names under the category of common, short, similar, new, and SEO keywords. With this, you can choose a unique web name which can rank high on search engines. Like the Name boy, Name Mesh will provide you with TLDs for you to choose your best.

Name Station

Are you looking for a domain name generator that will help you to come up with a perfect name within a minute? If yes, you can give Name Station a priority. It will offer you an opportunity to sign up for a free account. You can use your email address or Facebook account. Name Station does not only provide keyword suggestion but also gives you an opportunity to get access to public name contest.

The greatest strength of Name Station is the ability to filter your keywords based on length, extension, and SEO. If you do not have any keyword, this generator will help you with this. You can search for a keyword by industry ideas, and Name Station will provide numerous words for you to select.

Bust a Name

Another easy to use domain name generator is Bust a Name. It will help you create a professional domain name that can convince customers that you offer high-quality products and services. This generator has advanced features that are not present in others. It can set suffixes, prefixes, plurals, and hyphens. It can help you create a web name with characters of your choice and with the best extensions.

Shopify Business Name Generator

Shopify Business Name Generator is the quickest and easiest tool to help you create a professional domain name. It can give you a variety of keyword suggestion if you search for a specific keyword. This domain name generator will suggest you use the .com extension as it is easy to remember.