Since everyone is making websites these days, coming up with a unique domain name has become a bit difficult. Well, don’t despair if your domain name isn’t available. Still you have plenty of options to consider. There are numerous ways to turn an ordinary naming idea into a great domain name.

Here’s what you should do:

  • You want to secure a .com domain because it helps you get more online traffic. Well, what if we tell you that many other ways are helpful to do the same. Users can search your website via social media as well, regardless of what domains extension (.net, .org, .us or even info.) you will use.
  • Maybe the original domain name you considered was taken but you can always look for synonyms. Seek help from an online thesaurus to get the alternatives.
  • If you’re trying to search for domain name ideas, or are the best tools to get some creative ideas.
  • Let’s say if your domain name consists of more than one or two words. It would be better to rearrange their order. Maybe by placing words on different place, you will get a naming that’s available and unique too. For instance, may not be available, but could be.
  • Similar to the previous suggestion, let’s say your domain name is too short. Adding other words or especially some fun descriptive words might turn its unavailability to availability. Even if you’re running out of ideas, you can include words like ‘the best’ or ‘online’. It will not only make your domain name unique but also available.

Best Practices to Follow?

  • A shorter domain name is preferred over descriptive ones. Your domain name shouldn’t overflow on the business cards. Similarly, it should be easy to type and memorable.
  • Don’t buy someone’s trash just because it’s cheaply available to you. Are you fully aware of that name’s history? Maybe some backlinks associated to it were not that positive and may affect your online reputation.
  • Say no to hyphenated domain names. First, no one will remember to it. And second, they will create confusion with names that doesn’t have hyphens.
  • Your available domain name shouldn’t breach someone else’s trademark. It is not legal and it might cause you lawsuits, if someone finds out about it.
  • SEO is important and so as use of keywords in domain name. But don’t stuff it too much as it will get spams.