Are you new to the world of websites? Well, there is a lot you have to learn before you can think about starting your own site. Here are the basics you must be aware of.

The importance of a DNS server

What is DNS server? Well, have you ever seen an IP address? Let’s just say that had it not been for DNS (Domain Name System), users would have to remember the entire thing to access websites. DNS server is the internet’s answer to a public phone book. How DNS works? It gathers all IP addresses from hosted websites in a platform. When users search for a given domain, the DNS server recognizes the IP address and guides the user to the correct site.

DNS server is important because they are the reason that websites are always accessible by users. If the server is down, hell will break loose.

The importance of web hosting

The importance of using a quality cloud hosting service cannot be stressed. There is a reason why Canadian cloud web hosting best companies are sought after. It is because the quality of web hosting provider determines the performance of your website. When searching for a quality USA web hosting, try not to look for free web hosting solutions. This is because cheap web hosting services do not support websites as flawlessly as premium ones do. The trick is to find a provider that charges reasonably and delivers the required features. For instance, some provide domains while others don’t. If you pick one that doesn’t, you will have to invest your time in domain name registration and domains name generator as well.

The importance of domain names

After you have sorted out your web hosting solution, you need to search for domain name ideas. You will find both premium domains and cheap ones. The prices domains have reflected their popularity. Generally, gTLD domains extension are expensive. What is gTLD name? These are top level domains (TLD) that include extensions like .com and .org. Among the types of domain names, select one based on availability and your budget. You can find out about cost and availability via Domain Whois.


As you can see, there are various essential elements to a website. Understanding their significance allows you to select the best one. Take your time in the initial steps. It will determine the quality of your site.

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