Web hosting services allows businesses or organizations to post their websites on the internet so that it’s accessible to the world. Web hosting service provider is a business that provides technology that keeps a website running over the internet. A website that is to be hosted is stored on servers, when we type in the domain name of that particular website, their computer connects to the server and the web pages of a particular website is made visible to them on a browser.

Web Hosting packages?

Plenty of different packages are being offered by different hosting companies; usually companies also provide free domains for one year. But one must opt for a package that satisfies their business needs up to optimum.

Some of the common packages can be categorized as:

  1. Free Hosting: Some of the hosting companies provide free hosting services, several subscribers are put on the same server and resources of the servers are shared between them. But since it’s a free service thus it offers lesser features.

Price Range: $0/month

  1. Share Hosting: As the name suggests, they are fee-based shared packages that provides with more features than the free service.

Price Range: $5- $20 /month

  1. Reseller Web Hosting: This type of hosting is also a shared hosting account with extra tools to help one resell hosting space. They come with greater technical control, billing software to help invoice clients etc.

Price Range: $15-$50/month

  1. Cloud Based Web Hosting: This is a new technique that allows hundreds of individual servers to work together that resembles of one giant server. This way as the need of the business grows more commodity hardware is added to make a larger cloud.

Price Range: Different pricing for the number of commodities used.

  1. Dedicated Hosting: This type of package is for such business that needs highest data security, thus they have their own private servers that could be used and accessed only by them.

Price Range: from $100- up/month

Above were the few examples of web hosting packages, depending on the type of business one has one must choose the type of web hosting service he needs? If a business is quite small like a startup then using free hosting for a while is a good choice but as the business grows and the traffic on the website grows so does the need for better hosting service increases.